About Robert

Robert Dimitrov

Since I was a kid, companies, brands and building stuff were very interesting to me.

I graduated from TUES (Technological School of Electronic Systems). My specialization was software engineering. This is the place where my love and passion for software development and programming languages was ignited. The biggest project I made there was a web based Calendar.

After high school I enrolled in Sofia University to study informatics, but dropped the second year. While in university, I made my first commercial app - Timey, an interval timer for iOS.

Then I worked at Despark. It is a nice digital creative studio, based in my hometown - Sofia, Bulgaria. This is where I sharpened my iOS skills and found my passion for startups.

The following year was a rollercoaster one. Started working in a Swiss startup which wanted to revolutionize online reservations for restaurants. While it wasn't a big success, I learned a lot there.

At the beginning of 2014 Codemotion was born. The team consists of two senior iOS developers and a designer with crazy skills. We've shipped a number of apps together, the biggest one being ProtoSketch.